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Helac Applications - Construction Attachments
Key Advantages

Reduce manual labor and increase productivity by up to 50 percent

Increase your machine's versatility by performing a broader range of tasks in less time

Low Maintenance
Eliminate service and maintenance issues with fully enclosed rotary actuator technology

Extra Equipment
Eliminate extra equipment by easily working in tight spaces

Precision and Control
Increase the precision of your cut and carefully distribute material and place rock

Jobsite Appearance
Increase jobsite appearance by easily removing the humps and bumps of uneven surfaces and by causing minimal damage to roadside vegetation

Success Stories

  Helac Success Story - Coast Range Construction COAST RANGE CONSTRUCTION
Coast Range Construction increased productivity by 30 percent with PowerTilt

  Helac Success Story - Glenn O. Hawbaker GLENN O. HAWBAKER
Glenn O. Hawbaker added PowerTilts to their backhoe fleet

  Helac Success Story - Williams Loader Service WILLIAMS LOADER SERVICE
Williams Loader Service utilizes a PowerGrip/PowerTilt combo to increase overall versatility

  Helac Success Story - B and B Excavating B AND B EXCAVATING
B and B Excavating relies on PowerGrip to accomplish a wide variety of site preparation tasks

  Helac Success Story - North Latah County Highway District NORTH LATAH COUNTY HIGHWAY DISTRICT
North Latah County Highway District increased productivity and appearance of finished projects

  Helac Success Story - Thomas Construction Company THOMAS CONSTRUCTION COMPANY
Thomas Construction Company doubled productivity after replacing their cylinder-style tilt bucket

  Helac Success Story - Whitman County Public Works WHITMAN COUNTY PUBLIC WORKS
Whitman County Public Works increased productivity by adding PowerTilt and PowerGrip

  Helac Success Story - JJ Welch Contracting JJ WELCH CONTRACTING
JJ Welch Contracting utilizes PowerGrip to rebuild forest roads and fragile stream habitats

  Helac Success Story - Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources WISCONSIN DEPARTMENT OF NATURAL RESOURCES
Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources employs PowerGrip to restore stream habitat

  Helac Success Story - Washington State Department of Natural Resources WASHINGTON STATE DEPARTMENT OF NATURAL RESOURCES
Washington Department of Natural Resources doubled their productivity

  Helac Success Story - West Virginia Department of Transportation WEST VIRGINIA DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATION
West Virginia Department of Highways improved their productivity by 30 to 75 percent

  Helac Success Story - Enumclaw Landscape ENUMCLAW LANDSCAPE
Enumclaw Landscape employed PowerTilt to reduce manual labor and enhance profitability