Success Stories: Land Clearing

B and B Excavating relies on PowerGrip to efficiently accomplish a wide variety of site preparation tasks
B and B Excavating
Customer Since 2008

Site Preparation

Business Situation
B and B Excavating wanted to reduce their capital costs and fuel expense by downsizing their excavator from a 12-ton machine with bucket and thumb to a 7-ton machine, without relinquishing productivity of their site preparation tasks.

B and B Excavating acquired a 7-ton excavator and equipped it with Helac Corporation's PowerGrip Multi-Purpose Jaw Bucket for increased productivity while performing an assortment of site preparation tasks. The smaller excavator has reduced fuel expense but the PowerGrip Multi-Purpose Jaw Bucket has enhanced productivity so that B and B Excavating can still complete jobs in the same time frame as with the prior excavator that was nearly twice as large.

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