Success Stories: Multi Purpose

Glenn O. Hawbaker added PowerTilts to their backhoe fleet to reduce manual labor and increase operator safety
Glenn O. Hawbaker
Customer Since 2002

Heavy construction, highway and road construction, site and utility work, and landscaping

Business Situation
Prior to using PowerTilt, Glenn O. Hawbaker faced two challenges on the job site. For starters, they were using large and expensive special purpose excavators by Gradall for their grading and sloping work, and had to move these machines in and out of job sites frequently. They also had difficulty with the outriggers on their specialty excavator and backhoe fleet — they had to move the machines repeatedly at different angles around the job site and found it difficult to keep the machines stable.

When Hawbaker added two PowerTilts to their CAT and CASE backhoe fleet they saved on manual labor, completed tasks faster and safer, and increased the appearance of their finished jobs by 200 percent.

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