Success Stories: Underground Utilities

West Virginia Department of Highways improved their productivity by 30 to 75 percent
West Virginia Department of Transportation
Customer Since 2000

Road maintenance and repair

Business Situation
The Department of Highways in West Virginia needed a durable tilt attachment that could withstand the use and abuse of digging in rocky soil. They also wanted a tool the would reduce their reliance on manual labor to perform a variety of tasks such as cleaning ditches, laying and repairing pipe, and removing asphalt.

When West Virginia Department of Highways added PowerTilt to their backhoes, they improved their productivity between 30 to 75 percent depending on the task performed. They've used their PowerTilt every day for over six years in rocky conditions and still haven't had any maintenance or repair issues. In fact, the PowerTilt has been moved to a newer backhoe — it outlasted their previous machine.

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