Rotary Actuators
Success Stories: Marine

Effectively position navigation tower on fast response emergency vessels
Derecktor Shipyards
Customer Since 2007

Pivot navigation tower by 110 degrees to achieve an air draft of only 18 feet.

Business Situation
The waterways around Philadelphia pose a serious set of obstacles including the height restrictions of bridge structures that only allow vessels with an air draft of 18 feet to pass underneath.

Derecktor Shipyards considered multiple technologies such as hydraulic cylinders and electromechanical positioning devices, however, they specified in Helac's L20-15 rotary actuator. The helical actuator's compact design easily fit in their limited space, required less maintenance, and smoothly rotated the tower with limited hydraulic supply with power to spare. Derecktor also saved substantial installation time and cost since the self contained actuator design reduced the number of parts required of the mast assembly.

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