Rotary Actuators
Success Stories: Truck/Trailer

Rotary actuators position ultra high voltage power lines for increased safety and efficiency
LinePro Equipment
Customer Since 2006

Position articulated boom using 180 degrees of rotation when performing maintenance, inspection and repairs to high voltage transmission lines.

Business Situation
LivePro wanted to move away from manually stowing and deploying their articulated jib boom rather than having to manually pin it into place after it was deployed by gravity. They also wanted a solution that was safer and much more efficient to use in their time sensitive utility industry.

With the addition of Helac's compact rotary actuator, LivePro was able to automate their jib deployment and easily store the jib on the side of the crane and use the extra space to transport equipment on the deck. Helac actuators are designed to function as a rotating device, mounting bracket and bearing support, all in one package, further increasing the safety and efficiency of working with live transmission lines.

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