Rotary Actuators
Success Stories: Agriculture

Innovative steering technology transforms tractor into spraying applicator
Agriweld Inc.
Customer Since 2004

Steer the front wheel of a 3-wheel agricultural sprayer through 100 degrees of rotation.

Business Situation
The agricultural market was saturated with custom built 3- and 4-wheeled agriculture sprayers that were heavy, cost prohibitive, and couldn't easily be used for other farm applications such as tilling, loading and baling.

Agriweld responded to the market demand for an agricultural sprayer that offered better ground pressure, was smaller and lighter weight, and cost less than custom alternatives. They designed a 3-wheeled commercial applicator by retrofitting a mid-range (50 to 120 horsepower), two wheel drive tractor chassis with innovative technology such as Helac Corporation's helical, hydraulic rotary actuator. Helac's L30-65E-180/100 actuator became the steering unit for the front wheel that provided the bearing support for the wheel loads. The rotary actuator also generated the hydraulic steering torque necessary to overcome the friction of a fully loaded wheel.

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