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Telescopic piercing nozzle aids firefighters in complex crash rescues
Crash Rescue Equipment Service
Customer Since 2005

Position a piercing nozzle at the end of a boom of a fire truck to penetrate through an enclosure and extinguish the blaze inside.

Business Situation
Crash Rescue Equipment was using dual electric motors to position the piercing and water volume nozzles on a fire truck. When an object was pierced, the load was also transmitted into the water volume nozzle, overloading the dual motors and potentially breaking the aluminum cast motor-mount.

Crash Rescue Equipment separated the functionality of their piercing nozzle on the Snozzle boom by installing a L20-4.5 helical, hydraulic rotary actuator manufactured by Helac Corporation. The rotary actuator is now used to stow and deploy the piercing nozzle through 180 degrees on the telescopic boom of the fire truck. In addition to greater rotation, Crash Rescue Equipment achieved higher torque output and side loading capacity in a compact package by switching to Helac's solution.

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