Rotary Actuators
Success Stories: Construction

Increase worksite efficiency on slipform paver with a turning radius of less than 2 feet
Customer Since 2001

Steer the front and rear tracks of a slipform paver through 180/100 degrees of rotation.

Business Situation
Easi-Pour needed a steering solution that would increase their turning efficiency and reduce the maintenance issues they were having with prior generation cylinders and linkage steering assemblies. Their steering cylinders had multiple moving components that needed to be machined and welded together, resulting in extra time to tighten pins and grease bearings regularly.

Easi-Pour replaced the previously used steering cylinders with four (4) helical actuators to increase their turning radius from 60 to 180 degrees in the front and to 100 degrees in the back. Helac's bearings, seals and torque-generating splines are completely sealed and lubricated inside the hydraulic fluid in the actuator, resulting in low maintenance and zero leakage. Now their slipform pavers offer a turning radius of 2 feet for increased worksite versatility and efficiency.

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