Rotary Actuators
Success Stories: Mining

Rotary actuators do triple duty — drilling, rock bolting and setting explosives
Sandvik Mining and Construction
Customer Since 1986

Position booms up to 360 degrees on rock drilling machines used in underground hard rock mining and tunneling applications.

Business Situation
When drilling underground, the machines need to be designed to precisely drill a series of holes in the face, sides, roof and floor of a chamber so rock bolts or explosives can be inserted into the holes. With the drill heads located at the outboard ends of the booms, Sandvik needed a solution that would help them minimize the risk of injury to the operator and damage to the main machine as well as increase the efficiency and accuracy of their drilling operation.

By adding a 360 degree helical rotary actuator to each boom, Sandvik was able to deliver a safer and more efficient solution that offered better precision capability to their customers. The actuators enable the operator to roll the feed beam over to more easily drill into various surfaces, and position the feed for full visibility over the top of the feed and drill bit. The actuator has an integral dual counterbalance valve that further improves positioning accuracy and adds an extra margin of safety.

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