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Troubleshooting Guide: PowerGrip

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PowerGrip® Troubleshooting Guide

Problem Possible Cause Solution
PowerGrip jaw does not hold position Excessive force being applied to jaw is causing relief valve to open. This is normal. The relief valve limits the force applied to the bucket jaw to prevent damage to the unit.
A bi-directional hydraulic motor control valve is being used without the bucket load control valve. Install bucket load control valve.
Load control valve is leaking. Test, repair or replace as needed.
Seals are leaking oil. Test and replace seals as necessary.
Jaw moves only in one direction Single directional control valve is being used. Replace with a bi-directional control valve.
Load control valve manifold is obstructed. Clean manifold passageway(s).
Hydraulic hose is internally damaged. Test and replace damaged hose.
PowerGrip Bucket has spongy feel Air in PowerGrip actuator or hydraulic circuit. Bleed air from circuit and check for cause.
Side to side (axial play) movement of jaw Worn or missing thrust washers. Replace or install thrust washers.
PowerGrip will not accept grease at grease fittings Grease relief not functioning or has been replaced with grease fitting or plug. Clean or replace grease relief valves.