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Troubleshooting Guide: PowerTilt

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PowerTilt® Troubleshooting Guide
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Problem Possible Cause Solution
PowerTilt does not hold position Excessive down pressure applied by the excavator can cause buildup of pressure in the PowerTilt which is opening the cross port relief valve. This is normal. The integral cross port relief valve is designed to protect the PowerTilt from excessive internal pressures that can damage the unit.
Control valve leaking oil. Test, repair or replace as needed.
Faulty cross port relief valve. Remove the integral cross port relief valve and visually inspect for damage or debris. Check pressure setting of cross port relief valve.
PowerTilt swings in only one direction Single directional control valve is being used. Replace with bi-directional control valve.
Cross port relief valve damaged. Inspect, test and replace as needed.
Both lines connected to either both P1 or P2 ports of PowerTilt. P1 & P2 needs to be connected to the proper port.
PowerTilt has spongy feel side to side Air in PowerTilt or hydraulic circuit. Bleed air from circuit and check for cause.
Diameter of tubing/hoses larger or longer than recommended. Install new tubing/hoses with recommended diameters. Install pilot operated check valve in lines as close as possible to PowerTilt.
Forward and backward movement of shaft in the housing (shaft endplay) Worn or missing thrust washers. Tighten end cap. Replace or install thrust washers if necessary.
Side to side bucket movement Some movement is normal due to clearance required between internal spline teeth. Normal movement is 1° to 1-1/2°. If greater, check shaft end play; excessive end play can contribute to side to side movement. If shaft end play is not within acceptable limits, consult Helac Corporation.
PowerTilt will not accept grease at fittings Grease relief valve is not functioning, or it has been replaced with a grease fitting or plug. Clean or replace grease relief valves.